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Problem with external DHCP - VPN/GRE

I am having a small IP allocation problem in a new client environment (POC).

Aruba Central Solution:

The client has 3 antennas (IAP 207), 2 on the 1st floor, and 1 on the 2nd.
The issue is that I use an external dhcp server, and the VPN / DHCP configuration is working, and it works so much that when I have only 2 IAPs in the plant, I have no connection problem. But when the 3rd is connected, it seems that it can not connect or pass the VPN requests through the IA Cluster (master).

I would like a tip, as I have updated the IAPs, changed the antennas and it did not work.

Should I create a new instance in Zero Central? Or will I have to create another group, disassociating this 3rd IPA from the AP Cluster?
Or create RF Zone, or AP Zone?

The problem is that the Cluster is down, and I'm very confused as to how the transmission between the Aruba Central x external DCHP is happening.

Please help me with the best practices please, I need to solve the customer problem.





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Re: Problem with external DHCP - VPN/GRE

Support Aruba got in touch, and collected the show tech support information, and the dhcp debug, but so far I have not received the answers.

The funny, and that some users can get ip, but others do not, and always on the 3 antenna. The route is configured on the IAP correctly



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