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Register Email without password



I've installed a cloud solution ArubaCentral with Guest Access option in the infrastructure of my customer. He wants that its visitors register its email adress only. He doesn't want to manage the access with a password. Simply, give access to internet and register the email of its visitors.


I don't see how to do it.





Re: Register Email without password

Correct, this is not possible today. Even if you disable "Verification" it will still create a username/password combination. But honestly speaking, from a tracebility perspective allowing any email address without verification is equal to the "Anonymous" option, which you can use today. There is zero added value IMHO.


There are existing ideas on the Aruba Innovation Zone, if you have a partner login make sure to vote for them to increase the likelihood to get this implemented:


Otherwise, reach out to your Aruba partner/account team to make them aware of it.

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