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SNMP on Switches in Aruba Central



How can you configure SNMP parameters for switches in Aruba Central? I can only find it for AP's.


I'm trying to import my switches in IMC and only when I disable Central management on the switch ("no aruba-central enable"), IMC can read all the information. When I keep Aruba Central enabled, I get a generic device with no extra information (no model, no firmware, no sysname, ...)


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Re: SNMP on Switches in Aruba Central

you can set it along other CLI commands if the switch is managed by templates. when you create a Group in Aruba Central you can make that group a template based group

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Re: SNMP on Switches in Aruba Central

I tried with a template group, the SNMP settings are pushed but I still get errors in IMC.

When I turn off switch management via Aruba Central, the error is gone.

I have a call for this case in 30 minutes, so I will post an update once we have the solution :)


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Re: SNMP on Switches in Aruba Central

from my point of view, the issue is that iMC is doing a lot of things via ssh. But if the Switch is connected to Central most cli commands are not available without enabling support mode 

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