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Stacking 2930F - Aruba Central



I read that I can stack up to 8 switch (2930F) in Ring Topology.

My question is, how can I configure it from Central?

Which are the steps that I have to follow?


The docs are very poor about this (or maybe I looked in a wrong way).

My switch OS version is 16.08.0001



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Re: Stacking 2930F - Aruba Central

from my understanding and reading this is not supported over 2 members yet in central for the 2930F unless someone from aruba can verify otherwise?


I have been fiddling with templates and variables for the last 3-4 days trying to get a 4 member stack working and provisioned via ZTP in central.

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Re: Stacking 2930F - Aruba Central

I have 8 switches stacked in Central. You must use a Template Group and cannot do UI.


I have not provisioned it with ZTP just built it and imported the template.

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Re: Stacking 2930F - Aruba Central

Hi @Nick1511


How does the 8-switch stack look in Central monitoring? Does is show as 1 large switch?

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Re: Stacking 2930F - Aruba Central

wrong thread

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