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Technical Webinar- Advance Aruba Central

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Hello, Airheads, 


Adding this post here to share the content of the Airheads Technical Webinar we delivered on yesterday, December 18th on Advance Aruba CentralFor those who could not attend the session please find below:


Webinar Recording:


 - Webinar Slides:



Please note that you can find additional on-demand technical webinars on our Airheads webinar repository page.


As well, the webinar calendar up to June 2019 is available here


Please feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you may have below. We will make sure to answer them as soon as possible.


Re: Technical Webinar- Advance Aruba Central

Advance Aruba Central- Q&A


Q1: Goodmorning. One question I would like to ask if there will be any information about the following situation: as a long time MSP partner of Aruba we have a login to the US01 site, but we are situated in EU. How to transfer the accounts to the EU site?

A1: Its slightly lengthy process. I would recommend you to get in touch with Aruba Sales/Account team about this request, they will get in touch with PLM for the migration. As of now, TAC was not involved in this migration. As it involve lot of migration and order transfer


Q2: hi dinesh, I have a question. can ı any switch register my aruba central account? for example I went hotel room and seen Aruba iap, I readed serial number with my phone. can I do this?

A2: We won’t be able to add random devices because those devices will be already mapped to customer activate account. You will get an error blocked device if you try to add.


Q3: So, what happens if a user from europe registers to us server by mistake? Does it effect any function?

A3: No difference in any functionality. You could always get the account migrated to EU servers as well


Q4: Dear Aruba, We really want an PDF guide about the licenses. As you state they are only going to run when activated within central, this is not the case as far as I know.

A4: License start date will be calculated from the date the subscription is added, this is for paid account. For eval it will by default start from the date you registered to central.


Q5: is there a way to manage licenses for MSP's? In that case the license is connected to the MSP account and not the enduser account? How can we keep track of all licenses connected?

A5: Yes, under MSP account - - > global settings - - > subscription assignment - - > you would be able to see the customer details over here - like to which customer subscription are assigned.

License management is a single pool and can’t differentiate them for now.


Q6: Can partners or customers login to Activate or is it only Aruba TAC?

A6: If you have registered for a activate account - with proper PO details - you would have your own activate account . Each customer/partner can create Activate account and can login to activate where all of their devices can be managed. (


Q7: Does Central support Bandwidth Quota for guest ?

A7: Yes we have bandwidth contracts for guest.







Q8: regading the presence analysis: to which level can we see the connectivity of a user, which websites, consumed throughtput,

A8: Please refer the below link


Q9: can we give him some limitation on web access like Meraki has?

A9: web access can be controlled using ACLs. (AppRF, Web-filtering)


Q10: If we have multiple subestate, when we would like to auto activate the license, how can we manage the automation? I'm not sure if the correct device will pull the correct license

A10: If it is set to Auto-subscribe, first come first server basis will be applied. If we need to control it, we have to disable auto-subscribe and assign the license manually to the required devices. We won’t be able to track exactly on which device consumed which license.

On backend, we can track of it.


Q11: How would you go about to push a template from two 5412 in VSF onto Central?

A11: Refer the link for supported devices till now,


Q12: I do not mean Bandwidth Contract, I am asking about Bandwidth Quota. For example each guest will have a quota of 100 Mega byte, after finishing this quota the connection stops. Like what ClearPass does

A12: There is daily usage limit under splash page wherein you could specify limit based on usage (for example limit to 100 MB) per user


Q13: Does Central works with for all HPE switches?

A13: only certain aruba swtich -



Q14: The only HW stack switches are the 3810, the rest are like IRF

A14: stacking is supported on 3810, 5400R, 2930M, 2930F


Q15: Is the x8 maximum stacking on the 2930f a new feature? I was sure it was max 4

A15: is it about total number of member in one stack?



Q16: Does every member in a stack need an subscription? Or one subscription for the stack?

A16: no, every member



Q17: Is it possible to have this presentation by email ?

A17: yes, details will be provided after the session.


Q18: how will a device be able to talk to activate/central in case a proxy is required to use ?

A18: there is an option to configure proxy server details on IAP & also on Aruba switches.


Q19: Can you import a config from a VSF stack of 5400?

A19: yes, we can import and its supported.


Q20: So i I import existing configuration to central do i still need to factory default the switch in order to be managed from the cloud ?

A20: Not mandatory


Q21: Also do i need to enable central management config before i import config or after ?

A21: Need to enable central and then will get option to import the config



Q22: Is it possible to configure a DHCP binding while working with central and IAP (so dhcp of IAP)?

A22:not supported in iAP yet.


Q23: Is a template syntax guide available somewhere ? To help edit the variables in template mode etc...

A24: Reach out to Tac to get syntax guide


Q24: does this limit need guest license, or it can be applied with the management license only ?

A24: yes guest license is needed so that you can use guest services.


Q25: you can please share the standard templates

A25: kindly reach out to TAC to get standard template., We have a template and variable for Stacking switches.


Q26: Could you send me a document that explain how to configure quota limitation ?

A26: Device Quota limitation can be extended only by TAC from backend.


Q27: are there any best practices for an RMA-case ?

A27: automatically the device which is provided as a replacement will be mapped to the backend customer activate account - if the new device is not showing up on the central automatically you could use the add device option under device management on central


Q28: Will it be possible to update firmware central for an IAP cluster for differtent types of access points (for example 207 and 303 cluster)

A28: yes, VC will download the image for slaves even for different model APs


Q29: is this also valid if switching from 6.x to 8.x firmware version ?

A29: yes 8.x for IAP is supported on central


Q30: How will it be possible to have to AP this?

A30: Question looks incomplete.



Q:31 How do I login to using account reated from Central Paid account ?

A32: We need to 1st register and activate via and have to map on central account



Q32: Let's assume customer doesn't have a Activate account. It'll be created with his order, as I understood. How will the client get Activate login/pass? Should he contact someone to get it?

A32: you could register for activate account

Contact TAC to get the account information


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Re: Technical Webinar- Advance Aruba Central

Thanks for the wonderful knowledge sharing.