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Trouble Getting Started with Central

My company just purchased a few IAP's to use with Aruba Central and we are having a godawful time trying to get this up and running. There must be something we're missing, because there is no way the interface is this difficult to use. It took us nearly 4 hours to find out you need to specify a group name in order to create an SSID (cannot be global?), because all of the documentation is old. 


For example, the following is what we're trying to figure out.


  1. The subscription count says we have 31 total subscriptions, yet the actual draggable window only shows 10. 
  2. We have about 5 branch offices and we'd like to create an SSID+Password combo that can be shared, but it looks like the only way to do this is either manually in each group, or add all IAP's to the same group, which inhibits our ability to impose additional restrictions are certain branches by use of individual groups.
  3. We were told that there would only be one IAP acting as a virtual controller, but it seems to create one for each branches network.

Can anybody provide some insight on this? Thank you!

MVP Guru

Re: Trouble Getting Started with Central

1) Are you able to post a screenshot of your subscriptions but remove the keys? The screenshot only shows the Services Subscriptions not the Device Subscriptions. Are you expecting to have 31x IAP with 31x Device Subscriptions and 31x Services Subscriptions.


2) You can use overrides at a VC level. The purpose of the Group is to allow you to have the same shared configuration set across multiple IAPs. Is this a unique SSID + PSK for each location?


3) A single AP within each broadcast domain will act as a Virtual Controller. If in your situation, you have a different broadcast domain for each branch office then you will have 5x Virtual Controllers.

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