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Wi-Fi Access to all Hotel Guest with Splash Page

Hi Guys


There is a requirement to provide Wi-Fi access to the internet for one of my client who runs Hotel. His requirements are

1) Require a self-service registration (email gathering) portal with ability to set a time limit on connection.   limit usage.



I have chosed Aruba Instant IAP-325 for this and also chosen Aruba Cnetral Device management. My quesiton is that this setup is enough for us to provide this service to Guests? Alos we will need Two SSID, one for guests and one for staff. Staff will have priority on the access to internet.


Meraki have third parties providing splash page like which can do some fenxy things. Doe aruba have something like this..i mean any partner proviging this? Plese let me know advance.


IN the last......i dont think we need Clear pass for this setup....correct me if i m wrong

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Re: Wi-Fi Access to all Hotel Guest with Splash Page

You will centainly need ClearPass for this scenario. To provide self-registration option, you need something like ClearPass or ISE (without being biased, I would recommend ClearPass). To enforce restriction like connection time limit or usage limit, you'll need an accounting server and ClearPass will do that for you as well! It has its own guest module that will enable you have a completely customized Guest self-registration page!

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Re: Wi-Fi Access to all Hotel Guest with Splash Page

I believe Central now provides a self registration option where users can sponsor themselves to extend a session. You would need the central guest token but I believe with central you can do this.

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Re: Wi-Fi Access to all Hotel Guest with Splash Page

Here's an older article on setting up guest in Central.


The question is whether Central or Meraki can do a change of auth for a guest user  that hits a time limit, without the use of something like ClearPass that keeps data for every user/MAC that has connected.

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