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airplay, miracast and sonos

I'm relatively new to the Aruba & Central interface but hoping you'll all bear with me.


We have a number of VLANs on our network one of which is for AV.  The AV system has a few airplay devices for our conference rooms, and a sonos music system for when we run functions.  We also have projectors in these rooms which we connect via miracast, then a couple of TV's in meeting rooms on the same VLAN which are also connected via miracast.


Our wireless AP's are all IAP 345's and we have it configured via central.

I have enabled airgroup however when we did this the sonos broke.  I found some articles



this pointed us in the right direction and gave us some success (the sonos would register but the app on the ipads in the board rooms still wouldn't connect).


Then came across this article:


which if you look at the very last footnote:


Wireless Clients such as iPad and iPhone running the Sonos Controller application cannot discover Sonos music system with the AirGroup is enabled.


this appears to be the symptoms we are seeing, also since enabling airgroup we have had intermittant issues with connecting to the Samsung Tv's and Epson projectors via miracast however this may be coincidental.  I was hoping someone may have had similar issues and possibly found a solution to the issue.


Thanks in advance

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Re: airplay, miracast and sonos


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