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Re: COTD: Automating Aruba Controller Tasks with Kiwi CatTools

The encrypted strings in "write terminal" or "show running-config" change each time they're run, but the "show startup-config" is consistent. Perhaps the scripts for RANCID, CatTools and the like can be modified accordingly?
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Startup Config


It is interesting that the startup config does not change whenever you show it. Kiwi cattools does have an "Ignore Text" feature which is supposed to not compare a line of text whenever it has those characters in it. Of course, you won't be able to know if someone changes a management password or a radius pre-shared key, but I guess that's what syslog and the audit trail are for....

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We use a custom perl-Expect script for this

We use a custom perl-Expect script that I wrote for saving the configs and flashbackups. I keep the configs in RCS files, so I can look back in time and see when something changed, or pull an old version. I just save the flashbackups in timestamped files. The code's a little ugly, because it also does our cisco and juniper routers, but if anyone's interested, drop me a line.
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RANCID script fixed to ignore changing keys

I've tweaked the arubanrancid script to ignore the changing keys.

I would like like to run more commands (show switchinfo, show roleinfo, etc) but they seem to break things.

Anyhow, here's a working version.

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Re: COTD: Automating Aruba Controller Tasks with Kiwi CatTools

I got a couple requests for this, but accidently let them sit in my incoming messages for way too long. So I'm just going to post it for anyone who wants to take a look.

Fair warning: this is pretty ugly code. It's something I originally wrote to pull and archive Cisco IOS configs, then hacked to do Juniper ones, then hacked again to save Aruba configs and flashbackups.

It should run on any common unix variant. You'll need to know how to install the Perl::Expect modules from CPAN. You will have to do minor edits to adapt the directory paths to your setup, and to customize the config file for your controllers.

Look in this directory for the three files named gather_router_configs*

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Hello I realise that this Thread is pretty old but I wonder if anyone has had experience of backing up the Aruba Controller using Tadasoft RESTORE-POINT
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Re: TADASoft

Hi Jon

TADASoft will have Aruba support shortly (around 4 weeks).


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Re: COTD: Automating Aruba Controller Tasks with Kiwi CatTools

Dear All,


 I know, this is an old post, but we have the problem with the schedule backups right know. I downloaded the Kiwi CatTools like cjoseph master wrote, but I don't know where should I set the commands what I want to run automatically with the Kiwi program. 


 Can somebody help me in this?


Thanks a lot!

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