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COTD: Boot options for controllers

One of the most common things people do is to take advantage of the two partitions installed on every Aruba controller by default. These are know as system:partition 0 and system: partition 1. Each of these partitions can have it's own unique copy of an ArubaOS. It doesn't need to be the same version. You can see this in action with the following command:
(surface2air) #show image v
Partition : 0:0 (/dev/hda1) **Default boot**
Software Version : ArubaOS
Build number : 14239
Label : 14239
Built on : 2007-02-22 19:02:15 PST
Partition : 0:1 (/dev/hda2)
Software Version : ArubaOS
Build number : 14437
Label : 14437
Built on : 2007-03-16 15:19:46 PDT
As you can see, the partition that will booted from at the next reload is marked with **Default. This is not necessarily the partition the controller is currently running from, of course. You can view that with:
(surface2air) #show boot
Config File: default.cfg
Boot Partition: PARTITION 0
You can change the bootable partition with the command "boot system partition 1|0". You can also use this command to change the configuration file that the controller will use at boot time as well.
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