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COTD: Configuring ARM scanning for any client type

Note: ArubaOS 3.1 only
In earlier releases, we have had a functionality called voice aware ARM. This functionality stops our ARM scanning during the time that a voice call is in progress. This is fantastic because if you continue to scan while a voice call is in progress then your voice call will have a much higher jitter and packet loss, causing worse voice quality.
But you can apply the same reasoning to any "mission critical" protocol, like hand held scanning, or video traffic, or whatever type of traffic is very important to you. This is why, in 3.1 as part of the PEF license, we've introduced that ability to configure the type of traffic that will stop our APs from scanning:
(Greig) (config) #ip access-list session arm
(Greig) (config-sess-arm)#any any svc-important permit disable-scanning
Here you can tell the AP where a client is connected, to stop scanning for the duration that this important type of traffic is present.
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