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COTD: Copy the RAP whitelist from one controller to the other

Since the early days of the "RN" code and ArubaOS 5.0, Aruba has supported putting the mac addresses of cert-based APs in a whitelist. The whitelist would provide authentication for that AP, but allow you to automatically name the ap, put the AP in an ap-group and even decide if you wanted to force further authorization of that AP.

The whitelist, or list of ethernet mac addresses is a table in the local user database and can gets copied, saved and imported when you copy, save and import the local database.

To save a copy on the controller and copy it somewhere:

local-userdb export
copy flash:

To import it into a new controller, you would just copy the saved file to that controller via tftp, ftp or scp then do an import:

local-userdb import

Please be aware that you cannot separately export, import an copy the whitelist table from the local user database, it's all the contents of the local user database or nothing.

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Re: COTD: Copy the RAP whitelist from one controller to the other

As a side note, you can alternatively use Airwave to synchronize whitelists between Master controllers.
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