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COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

It is very, very easy to update a single or multiple controller firmware in Airwave. First, download the firmware for the platform you need from the support site. Next, go to "Device Setup, Upload Firmware and Files" in Airwave. Click on Add new firmware file. Enter the controller type, firmware version, and description for the firmware. Choose "Upload Firmware Files", browse to the firmware you downloaded, then click on add, to add the firmware to the Airwave repository.

To upgrade your controller, just find it in Airwave, click on the manage tab. Click on the "update firmware" tab and simply choose the version of firmware you want upgraded to. You can optionally schedule it to some future date in with the Airwave plain English dialog box.

To upgrade multiple controllers, they must all be in the same "Group". Controllers can be in "Monitor only + Firmware Upgrade" mode to be upgraded. Controllers can have different platforms and still be upgraded simultaneously. To begin, upload firmware for all the platforms that you want upgraded using "Device Setup, Upload Firmware and Files". Next, edit the group that your target controllers are in (Groups, edit that group). Go to the "Firmware" tab and select the "desired version" that you want your controller platforms to be upgraded to. You have the option of just selecting the desired firmware by clicking save, or by clicking on "upgrade" to upgrade now or schedule an upgrade.

That's about it!

You can click on "System> Firmware Upgrade Jobs" to see firmware jobs that are pending, or have already run. Under "AMP Setup> General" there is a "Firmware Upgrade Defaults" box which toggles whether or not you can upgrade controllers in Monitor-Only mode, the simultaneous jobs you want done at a time, simultaneous devices per job, and how many failures before stopping jobs.

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Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

1. What Airwave versions?
2. Does this automatically save the config & reboot the controller?

Bruce Osborne
Liberty University

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

All opinions written here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my employer or Aruba Networks

That's been an AirWave feature for some time

AirWave has supported updates to AOS versions for years. It does include a reboot.
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Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

It, unfortunately, does not save the configuration (in terms of a .cfg file; AMP does have saved configs in AWMS terms). I have requested in the past that a "backup flash" and a "tar logs tech-support" be added to the process, but I'm unaware of any roadmap items to add this, as it was just me asking for it. :-/
Ryan Holland, ACDX #1 ACMX #1
The Ohio State University
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upgrading multiple controller via Airwave

I have seen extreme slowness and failures when upgrading different types of controllers in one upgrade group. if i try to upgrade 800 controllers and 3200 controllers together then it seems to take forever and even fail. i have upgraded int he past with Airwaves and love it. i just perform upgrades on the same controller types in a group then when finished create a second type. i can still use the scheduler but i like to watch the controller upgrade to make sure there are no snags for the morning.
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Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

Has anyone tried using this method over a WAN connection with high latency and have results they would like to share? This could really take the hassle/frustration out of upgrading controllers that are offsite and have slow WAN connections back to our data center.

I have a few Cisco controllers in a remote office and sometimes have to push code upgrades from our Airwave servers here locally. I always start the tftp download from the controllers themselves, but since the transfers take a long time I often drop the ssh session to the controller and have to guess when it is complete.
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Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

Has anyone else come across the following problem?

I've created an Aruba 200 Controllers group and added a few controllers in to test. They are in Monitor Only + Firmware Upgrade mode. I'm able to upload the new code to Airware and start the firmware upgrade job, but the job fails on the first controller in the group.

Right now the SNMP on the controllers just have the Read string, plus the Trap Receivers setup, do you need to setup a Write string, or does Airwave somehow manage that once you checkoff the Monitor+Firmware Upgrade allowed option?

Aruba Employee

Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

AFAIK firmware is updated via SSH, so you need to make sure you have the right credentials for the controllers in the AP/Devices > > Manage page.

You can set the default SSH UID/PW in the Device Setup > Communication page, but that only applies to new deivces, it doesn't update existing devices.
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Re: COTD: Easy Firmware Upgrades using Airwave

That did the trick, the wrong SSH credentials were entered into AMP.

Thanks so much!
Aruba Employee

What Brand/Models can be upgraded via Airwave?

Does anyone know how to tell what brand/model controllers Airwave is compatible with for the upgrade feature?
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