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COTD: Halt

This weeks command is the "halt" command. The halt command is easy to use. There are no arguments or anything, just type halt.
It is a command that is the ArubaOS equivilant of the PC's "shutdown" command. It will leisurely sync all the wireless information it has in memory to the flash device, will check that you've actually saved the config prior to shutting down and then prepare itself to be turned off.
The system cannot actually turn itself off, so you will need to manually remove power to the controller in order to shut it down properly. The switch will not be able to respond to anything packets across the network, nor even the serial console and so must be manually power cycled in order to recover from this "halt" command.
A good rule of thumb is to NEVER use the halt command unless you are directly infront of the machine itself.
An interesting result of the halt command is that the controller will illuminate every LED on the chassis. All LEDS will be permentantly lit. Makes it very easy to find out which controller has been halted when you have a stack of controllers together.
Plus, it makes for an interesting Christmas tree, (if your into that sort of thing).
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Re: COTD: Halt

lol @ christmas tree
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