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COTD: Handoff assistance

(Greig) (config) #wms station-policy handoff-assist disable/enable
This command enables or disables the "handoff assist" feature.
What is the handoff assist feature?
Basically the AP monitors the RSSI for every associated client. If the RSSI for a specific client falls below "low-rssi-threshold" and continues to fall for the "rssi-fallof-wait-time", then the AP will send a de-auth to the client.
The de-auth is meant to kick the client away from the current AP and get it to re-authenticate to a nearby AP. This will have the affect of helping a client handover between 2 APs. BUT, if the client gets all confused by being de-authed and takes forever to re-authenticate, then this will have the affect of destroying communication instead of helping it.
Test this thoroughly with the clients being used before enabling it in a production network.
Note, when the deauth is sent the following syslog is generated:
"....Low RSSI Detected for STA %s AP...."

Related config commands:
(Greig) (config) # wms station-policy handoff-assist disable/enable
- enable/disable AP assisted handoff
(Greig) (config) # wms station-policy rssi-falloff-wait-time 4
- Seconds(max to wait with decreasing RSSI before deauth is sent to the client
(Greig) (config) # wms station-policy low-rssi-threshold 20
- Min RSSI above with deauth should never be sent
(Greig) (config) # wms station-policy rssi-check-frequency 3
- How often in seconds to sample RSSI value

Related show commands:
(Greig) # show am state
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