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COTD- Instant AAA Test-Server

Use when trying to verify clearpass settings or other authentication methods.


Aaa test-server (name of server) username (xxxxx) password (xxxxx) auth-type xxx




only supports PAP unfortunately. Would be nice if other authentication types were supported.

Super Contributor I

Welcome back COTD.  Colin (cjoseph) has done this a long time ago and the forum was disappeared when Airheads redesigned the page.  COTD should be in its own forum where we can share some new, time saving commands (specially a new ones in new AOS.)


For example, I found these very useful cli to change AP group or to rename an AP :

#ap-regroup ap-name 24:de:c6:c2:5f:e6 NEW-AP-GROUP

#ap-rename ap-name 24:de:c6:c2:5f:e6 NEW-AP-NAME