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COTD: RF Troubleshooting

Did you know that you can do RF troubleshooting from the CLI? Starting in ArubaOS 3.x there is a new command "rft" command that gives you some very useful information.
The built-in RF test tool (rft) has three test profiles you can use that examine each of the following:
RFT Profile NameDescriptionantenna-connectivityChecks AP antenna connectivitylink-qualityDetermines the most suitable data rate from an specified AP to a given target raw (mixed tests)
Performans a null data transmit to a target
Each of these test profiles has parameters already set up:
(surface2air) #show rft profile link-quality

Profile LinkQuality: Built-in profile
Parameter Value
--------- -----
Antenna 1 and/or 2
Frame Type Null Data
Num Packets 100 for each data-rate
Packet Size 1500
Num Retries 0
Data Rate All rates are tried

So if I want to check the link quality between an AP ( my workstation, here's how to do it with RFT:
(surface2air) #rft test profile link-quality ip-addr dest-mac 00:16:cb:b6:6e:89 phy a
Transaction ID: 201
(surface2air) #show rft result trans-id 201
Profile LinkQuality, TransID 201, AP, Dest 00:16:cb:b6:6e:89, Radio 0, Num Packets 100
Data Rate Success Rate
--------- ------------
6.0 Mbps 100%
9.0 Mbps 100%
12.0 Mbps 100%
18.0 Mbps 100%
24.0 Mbps 100%
36.0 Mbps 100%
48.0 Mbps 100%
54.0 Mbps 100%
Indicating my workstation is close enough to this AP to get the full 802.11a 54Mbps data rate.
A couple things to note here: first, some tests may require additional information. My example above used a dual-radio AP, so I needed to supply which radio I wanted to test (phy a). Second, note that when you run an RFT test it gives you a transaction ID. Remember this, because you'll need it to print out the results of that particular test.
There's a lot more you can do with RFT but hopefully this gives you an idea of what is possible and how to use it. Now go have fun!
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