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COTD: SSID enable

Note: AOS 3.x
The command this week is a small but powerful one: "ssid-enable". This is a new command in the 3.x way of provisioning that exists within the wlan ssid-profile. It lets you simply and easily enable and disable an SSID:
(Greig) (config) #wlan ssid-profile default
(Greig) (SSID Profile "default") #ssid-enable
(Greig) (SSID Profile "default") #
(Greig) (config) #wlan ssid-profile default
(Greig) (SSID Profile "default") #no ssid-enable
(Greig) (SSID Profile "default") #
Why would I care? Well, with this method, it makes it extremely easy to shut off an SSID across your whole network. Just disable the ssid and then you will still have everything configured, but just temporarily disabled. In the old 2.x method, to disable an SSID you would have had to actually remove the virtual-ap and infact there was no way to "disable" a root SSID.
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