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COTD: Show aaa radius-attributes

"show aaa radius-attributes"
When you are deriving the role or vlan from a RADIUS server, you will often use a command (or the GUI equivalant) like:
(Greig) (config) #aaa derivation-rules server test
(Greig) (server-rule) #set role condition Filter-ID value-of
But why "Filter-ID"?
Because this is a commonly used RADIUS attribute to mean the ACL, or Filter list that a device should apply.
So I can use anything I want here?
Yup. Well, almost anything. It does of course need to be a known named RADIUS attribute.
Well how can I find out which attributes are known by the switch?
Good question! Use the cmomand of the week: "show aaa radius-attributes"
(Greig) #show aaa radius-attributes
Attribute Value Type Vendor Id
--------- ----- ---- ------ --
MS-CHAP-NT-Enc-PW 6 String Microsoft 311
Suffix 1004 String
Menu 1001 String
Acct-Session-Time 46 Integer
Framed-AppleTalk-Zone 39 String
Connect-Info 77 String
Acct-Ouput-Packets 48 Integer
Aruba-Location-Id 6 String Aruba 14823
Service-Type 6 Integer
Rad-Length 310 Integer
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