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COTD: Show ap config

Note: AOS 3.x
Last week I talked about the "show ap config" command. This week, I'm going to expand on this somewhat, because it's important to understand the differences between 2.x and 3.x. In 2.x, we had one base configuration to which you have to add a number of virtual APs. In 3.x, these virtual APs are fully fledged APs. you can configure everything possible about these APs.
For example, on one physical AP you can configure tx-rates of 1,5,11 for your phone SSID and on the same physical AP, you can have full g rates for your employee SSID. This is the level of configurability that 3.x provides.
So how do you look at all this stuff? You can think of each virtual-AP now as a totally different AP. Use the "show ap config ap-name essid " command to see the setting on each ESSID. ap-name can of course be an ap-group if you prefer.
The key is in adding the ESSID name to the show command: Code:
(Greig) #show ap config ap-name 33.3.10 essid phones
SSID enable Enabled Enabled wlan ssid-profile "default_phones"
ESSID phones phones wlan ssid-profile "default_phones"
Transmit Rates 1 2 5 11 6 9 12 18 24 36 48 54 wlan ssid-profile "default_phones"
Station Ageout Time 1000 sec 1000 sec wlan ssid-profile "default_phones"
Battery Boost Enabled N/A wlan ssid-profile "default_phones"
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