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COTD: Show inventory

Looking for the controller serial number? The MAC address? This information is readily available with the "show inventory" command:

(surface2air) #show inventory 
Supervisor Card slot : 0
Supervisor FPGA : None
System Serial# : AA0000483
SC Assembly# : 2010024C (Rev:03.00)
SC Serial# : F00119907 (Date:03/21/06)
HW MAC Addr : 00:0B:86:60:02:DA to 00:0B:86:60:02:DB
Line Card 1 : Present
Line Card 1 FPGA : None
Line Card 1 Switch Chip : No Switch Chip
Line Card 1 Mez Card : Absent
Line Card 1 SPOE : Absent
Line Card 1 Sup Card 0 : Present ( Active )
Internal Temperature : 58.00 degrees Celsius (NORMAL)

This is particularly handy when activating a new software license which requires the controller serial number.
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anyway you can pull the serial number for all APs?
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On the master controller, you would do a "show ap database long".

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script to pull ap inventory as csv

Imagine you want the inventory of aps as a csv file to import into some documentation. This perl script might help.
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