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COTD: The power of the "show reference" button

One of the most important things to know about creating profiles is that every change you make affects everything that the profile is applied to. While you are making a change to a profile, it would be good to see everywhere that a profile is applied to see what would be affected. That is where the "show reference" button comes in. When you click on the "show reference" button while you are in a profile, it shows you everywhere that profile is applied. Attached are two screenshots as an example.

The "show references" command shows you the same thing, via the cli:

( #show references aaa profile aruba-HomeNet

References to AAA Profile "aruba-HomeNet"
Referrer Count
-------- -----
ap wired-port-profile "aruba-Enet3" aaa-profile 1
ap wired-port-profile "aruba-Enet4" aaa-profile 1
wlan virtual-ap "aruba-HomeNet" aaa-profile 1
wlan virtual-ap "aruba-hotel" aaa-profile 1
Total References:4

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