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COTD: Updated RADIUS dictionary files

With the introduction of MMS2.0, we have a new RADIUS VSA attribute that needs to be returned to an externally authenticated user of the MMS system in order to assign it the appropriate roles. To enable external authentication with the MMS, you first need to create a "Template User" in the system GUI. This user has no password, but is the mechanism that the MMS uses in order to assign a role to and externally authenticated user.
The external AAA server must be configured to return the name of the required template-user as a Vendor-Specific Attribute (VSA). This attribute is used to retrieve the allowed management roles for the user that has been authenticated.
For example, if you create a template user named "NOadmin" then you must configure your RADIUS server to return "NOadmin" in a VSA for users who successfully authenticate through the RADIUS server. Those users will be granted whatever permissions you have set for the NOadmin user.
New FreeRADIUS dictionaries can be downloaded
Steel Belted RADIUS dictionaries are >here.
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