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COTD: aaa internal-userdb

"conf t aaa internal-userdb"
In a multi controller environment, where does the internal user database reside? On the master? Or on each local?
The answer is of course- it's configurable and this is the subject of our command of the week.
Here is the online help:
(Greig) (config) #aaa internal-userdb ?
use-local-switch Use the local switch's Internal User Database. The de
fault behaviour is to use the Master switch's Interna
l User Database.
(Greig) (config) #aaa internal-userdb
When a switch is instructed to use the Internal authentication server, it will by default, use the database on the Master switch. You might want to seperate the authentication servers to have each site have their own internal authentication server in which case you can configure "aaa internal-userdb use-local-switch" and the Internal database will now refer to a switches own database for authentication.
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