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COTD: aaa test-user

Got a user who can't seem to authenticate? Maybe it's the password, or the user name, or the authentication server.
You can do a quick sanity check on user credentials against a particular AAA server with the command:
"aaa test-server "
This command will send the credentials to the specified AAA server and let you know if it succeeded or not:
(surface2air) #aaa test-server radius01 jlee notReallyMyPassword
Authentication successful!
This is an excellent tool to use as part of troubleshooting AAA server authentication. If the credentials are incorrect, you will get a failure message. If the AAA server is down or unreachable, the command will time out.
All if this is very useful information and a great first place to start.
Note: In ArubaOS 2.x this entire command (like all CLI commands) is logged - which means the user name and password are visible as cleartext. This has been changed in 3.1 to hide the password so that it is not visible in the logs. But if you are using this command on a 2.x system be aware anyone with access to the syslogs could potentially see this.
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