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COTD: show aaa timers

The output of the "show aaa timers" command displays three values:
- The user idle-timeout - The maximum period in minutes after which is client is considered idle. If no new sessions are established by this client after the "user idle-timeout" period the controller will ping the client. If the client does not respond it will be removed from the user table. This timer is 5 minutes by default and normally does not have to be increased or decreased, especially when clients are using 802.1x. If you are finding that your captive portal clients are timing out and have to login repeatedly you might want to increase this. One side effect of increasing this value is that more clients will remain in the user-table, even after they have roamed out of range or shut down, giving an inflated and false view of how many users are on the system
- Dead-time - The maximum period in minutes after which the controller considers an unresponsive AAA server dead or out of service. If a server is the only server in a server group, it will not be put out of service. The default value is 10.
- Logon-lifetime - The maximum time in minutes that unauthenticated clients are allowed to remain logged on. Clients will be removed after this timer expires. The default value is 5 minutes>

(Aruba-M3) #show aaa timers
User idle timeout = 5 minutes
Auth Server dead time = 10 minutes
Logon user lifetime = 5 minutes

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