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COTD: show ap bss-table

Each wireless access point has a wired MAC address as its base and wireless mac addresses that are a function of that base mac address. The wireless mac addresses you would see in the air if you use a utility like netstumber. There are times that you want to know exactly which access point those mac addresses in the air correspond to. That is the role of the "show ap bss-table" command:

( #show ap bss-table 

fm (forward mode): T-Tunnel, S-Split, B-Bridge (s-standard, p-persistent, b-backup, a-always)

test1 AP BSS Table
bss ess s/p ip phy type ch/EIRP/max-EIRP cur-cl ap name in-t(s) tot-t mtu acl-state acl fm
--- --- --- -- --- ---- ---------------- ------ ------- ------- ----- --- --------- --- --
00:1a:1e:40:50:91 testwireles-wpa2 1/3 a-HT ap 40-/20/23 0 jadan-rap5 0 7h:14m:6s 1200 - 48 S
00:0b:86:53:06:0a test1-guest 1/3 a ap 161/23/36 0 mstout-ap65 0 10h:37m:41s 1200 - 52 T
00:1a:1e:40:3a:60 test1-guest 1/3 a-HT ap 36+/20/23 0 bkimbell-rap5 0 17h:57m:40s 1200 - 52 T
00:1a:1e:85:a3:f1 test1-home 1/3 a-HT ap 149+/19/36 0 desmondbe-ap125 1 1d:16h:4m:29s 1200 - 47 Ba
00:1a:1e:80:af:70 testwireles-basic 1/3 a-HT ap 153-/21/36 0 mikel-ap125 0 3d:21h:36m:44s 1200 - 48 S
00:0b:86:b5:d4:61 testwireles-wpa2 1/3 g ap 1/19.5/33 0 daviddukovn-rap2c 0 6d:9h:43m:3s 1200 - 48 S
00:0b:86:b5:9d:f0 test1-guest 1/3 g ap 11/19.5/33 0 dominicorrh-rap2 0 1h:39m:52s 1200 - 52 T

Information provided by the table includes the bss (wireless mac address), ess (wireless network name), slot and port of the controller that the APs traffic is coming in on (s/p), wired ip address of the access point, Phy type (a,b,g,HT(N)), channel and power of that AP, current number of clients on that SSID, name of AP, total time the AP has been up as well as if the wireless network's tunnel type is tunnel, split, or bridged.

You can also use the "include" parameter to filter on any portion of information that you are searching for. For example, if using netstumbler I see a wireless mac address of "00:0b:86:b5:d4:61" and I want to find out what AP it is associated with, I would do:

( #show ap bss-table | include 00:0b:86:b5:d4:61
00:0b:86:b5:d4:61 testwireles-wpa2 1/3 g ap 1/19.5/33 0 daviddukovn-rap2c 0 6d:10h:35m:19s 1200 - 48 S

This shows that the wireless network is testwireless-wpa2 and the AP we are seeing is daviddukovn-rap2c

*Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba Networks or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.*
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