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COTD: show ap-leds

Find yourself remote to a switch, but you know that there's some AP's
directly connected and you'ld love it if you could just look at the status
LEDs on the front of the controller?
Use "show ap-leds" to see the status of APs connected to the controller-
(Greig) #show ap-leds 1
LED State
s/p led reason
--- --- ------
1/0 6 no ap connected
1/1 5 ok
1/2 6 no ap connected
1/3 6 no ap connected
1/4 6 no ap connected
1/5 6 no ap connected
1/6 5 ok
1/7 5 ok
(Greig) #
The "1" is there for the slot number, if you're on a 5/6000 chassis you'll
need to specify the slot that contains the line card you are interested
in. Otherwise, just use 1.
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