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COTD: show ap license-usage

ArubaOS 3.3.x and the 3000 and M3 series controllers brought flexibile per-ap licensing. You could purchase hardware that would support the final amount of APs, but only license it based on the number of access points you had deployed. In addition, the 125abg AP platform allows you to buy a 802.11n-capable access point, and then turn on that 802.11n capability later with a license. Remote AP functionality as well as Mesh functionality also are licensed by the AP. Needless to say, you need to keep track of how many licenses you consume. That is where the "show ap license-usage" command comes in:

(Aruba800-4) #show ap license-usage

Total AP Licenses : 4
AP Licenses Used : 1
Unused AP Licenses : 3
Total RAP Licenses : 4
RAP Licenses Used : 2
Total Indoor Mesh AP Licenses : 1
Indoor Mesh AP Licenses Used : 1
Total Outdoor Mesh AP Licenses : 0
Outdoor Mesh AP Licenses Used : 0
Total 802.11n-120abg Licenses : 0
802.11n-120abg Licenses Used : 0
Total 802.11n-121abg Licenses : 0
802.11n-121abg Licenses Used : 0
Total 802.11n-124abg Licenses : 0
802.11n-124abg Licenses Used : 0
Total 802.11n-125abg Licenses : 0
802.11n-125abg Licenses Used : 0


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Licenses ArubaOS

HI all,

which are the main features about licenses ArubaOS 5.x in respect to licenses ArubaOS 3.x?
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