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COTD: show ap provisioning

If you ever wanted to know the parameters that an AP is provisioned with on the commandline, use the "show ap provisioning" command. The command will reveal the environment variables that are saved to the flash of the AP during provisioning. This reveals AP-group, AP-Name, fully qualified location name and quite a few other things like master, server name and serverip that are helpful for debugging ap behavior. If an AP address was statically configured for an AP, or an AP's master controller, it would be revealed by this command:

(Aruba800-4) #show ap provisioning ap-name Study-ap65
AP "Study-AP65" Provisioning Parameters
Item Value
---- -----
AP Name Study-AP65
AP Group default
Location name Study-AP65.Floor 1.139 West 91st.New York Campus
SNMP sysLocation N/A
Master N/A
Gateway N/A
Netmask N/A
IP Addr N/A
Domain Name N/A
Server Name aruba-master
Server IP N/A
Antenna gain for 802.11a N/A
Antenna gain for 802.11g N/A
Antenna for 802.11a both
Antenna for 802.11g both
PAP User Name N/A
PAP Password N/A
PPPOE User Name N/A
PPPOE Password N/A
PPPOE Service Name N/A
Latitude N/A
Longitude N/A
Altitude N/A
Antenna bearing for 802.11a N/A
Antenna bearing for 802.11g N/A
Antenna tilt angle for 802.11a N/A
Antenna tilt angle for 802.11g N/A

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