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COTD: show auth tracebuf

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(Greig) #show auth-tracebuf ?
count Show last count number of packets
failures Show only failures
mac Filter on a specific STA or AP
| Output Modifiers
This command shows you an overview of all the events relating to authentication. You can specify "count" for the last n items, "failures" to list only the authentication events classified as failed events or you can specify a MAC address to filter on. Of course, you can also use the pipe (|) to further filter the commands output to whatever you are looking for.
A short extract:
Sep 28 07:54:37 eap-id-resp -> 00:13:02:71:e9:f6 00:0b:86:cb:b5:40 1 10 greig
Sep 28 07:54:37 rad-req -> 00:13:02:71:e9:f6 00:0b:86:cb:b5:40 89 148
Sep 28 07:54:37 rad-resp <- 00:13:02:71:e9:f6 00:0b:86:cb:b5:40/aruba-IAS 89 77
The fields:
- Timestamp, e.g Sep 28 07:54:37
- Packet Type, e.g. eap-id-resp
- Direction: toward the client, away from the client or an event (*)
- Station MAC address
- BSSID/Server Name
- Packet ID number
- Packet Length
- Comments/Reason, e.g. username, encryption and WPA type or failure reason
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