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COTD: show netservice

To see what named services are configured to which ports, type "show netservice". The "show netservice" command will show you a list of predefined as well as user-defined services that you can use to create firewall policies for your users and devices. A partial output of the command is shown here:
Aruba-M3 # show netservice
Name Protocol Ports ALG
---- -------- ----- ---
svc-snmp-trap udp 162
svc-stun-tcp tcp 3478
svc-smtps-587 tcp 587
svc-airmagnet udp 2500 2501
svc-syslog udp 514
svc-l2tp udp 1701
svc-ike udp 500
svc-https tcp 443
svc-smb-tcp tcp 445
svc-dhcp udp 67 68
svc-exch-1026 tcp 1026
svc-pptp tcp 1723
svc-exch-1051 tcp 1051
svc-sccp tcp 2000
svc-telnet tcp 23
svc-exch-1487 tcp 1487
svc-sip-tcp tcp 5060
svc-tftp udp 69
svc-kerberos udp 88
svc-adp udp 8200
svc-pop3 tcp 110
svc-noe udp 32512
svc-stun-udp udp 3478
svc-rtsp tcp 554
svc-msrpc-tcp tcp 135 139
svc-dns udp 53
svc-vocera udp 5002
svc-http tcp 80
svc-sip-udp udp 5060
svc-nterm tcp 1026 1028
svc-papi udp 8211
svc-natt udp 4500
--------------------------------------- SNIP---------------------------------------------------

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