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COTD: show profile references

Note: AOS 3.x
In AOS 3.x, you will be configuring almost everything into a profile. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which profile is applied to where and so we have the "show references" command:
You can use the show references command to lookup where any wlan, aaa, ap, ids or rf type of profile has been applied. For example, if you want to see where the virtual-ap called "ethersphere-wpa2" has been applied, just use the following command:
(Greig) #show references wlan virtual-ap ethersphere-wpa2
References to Virtual AP profile "ethersphere-wpa2"
Profile Type Instance Parameter Count
------------ -------- --------- -----
AP group default Virtual AP 1
AP group french-office Virtual AP 1
Total References:2
(Greig) #
Obviously, this will make a lot more sense if you have your AP groups named appropriately- so this is a tip for 3.x: Name your AP groups carefully!
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