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COTD: show vlan status

If you are maintaining a large number of Vlans, need to know what ports they are on, and need to know whether you have "ip nat inside" on, the "show vlan status" command is for you. It will present the VLAN, ip address, administrative state, operational state, number of ports the vlan appears on, and whether or not ip nat inside is configured:

( #show vlan status 

Vlan Status
VlanId IPAddress Adminstate Operstate PortCount Nat Inside Ports
------ --------- ---------- --------- --------- ---------- -----
1 Enabled Up 4 Disabled GE1/0-3 Pc0-7
1000 Enabled Up 0 Disabled
1001 Enabled Up 0 Disabled
1002 Enabled Up 0 Disabled
1003 Enabled Up 0 Enabled
1004 Enabled Up 0 Enabled

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Re: COTD: show vlan status

This is one of my most utilized commands :)
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