Command of the Day

OS 8 Stand Alone Licensing

OS 8 licensing is confuse specially for the stand alone mode.  Even in stand alone, the licenses for the controller still need to be installed as master-local.  We can migrate the licenses from OS 6 to OS 8, but only AP license works.  If we want the other licenses such as PEF, RF to work, we must “activate” it. 

To activate these licenses after install the license with "license add x.y.z" use these cli:

(Aruba7210) [mynode] #change-config-node /mm
(Aruba7210) [mm] (config) #license-pool-profile-root
(Aruba7210) [mm] (License root(/) pool profile) #pefng-licenses-enable
(Aruba7210) [mm] (License root(/) pool profile) # rfp-license-enable
(Aruba7210) ^[mm] #show license pool-profile root

License Profile Summary For Root Pool
Feature  Enable  TotalInstalledCount  AvailableCount
-------  ------  -------------------  --------------
AP       Yes     256                  256
PEFNG    Yes     256                  256
RFP      Yes     256                  256
XSEC     No      0                    0
ACR      No      0                    0
WebCC    No      0                    0
MM       No      0                    0
VMC      No      0                    0