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Provisioning remote APs from the CLI

ArubaOS 2.x:
Here's the Controller configuration:
aaa vpn-authentication default-role ap-role
aaa vpn-authentication mode enable
aaa vpn-authentication auth-server Internal
crypto isakmp policy 1
authentication pre-share
crypto isakmp key "aruba" address netmask
crypto isakmp groupname changeme
ip local pool vpn-pool-1724
vpdn group l2tp
ppp authentication PAP
Here the AP part. Make sure that the AP listed below ( is registered.
config t
program-ap no ipaddr
program-ap antenna-a "auto"
program-ap antenna-g "auto"
program-ap antenna-type internal
program-ap username RAP01
program-ap password "GoAruba"
program-ap ikepsk "aruba"
program-ap masterip
program-ap hostip
program-ap location 1.1.3
program-ap reprovision
And make sure that you add the userid 'RAP01' in the local-userdb as well.
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