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AMON and Airwave

Aruba Engineering highly recommends customers using Airwave 7.7 and beyond to move to AMON for client data. AMON gathers all the client data for Airwave in order to scale for the huge amounts of data being sent by controller to Airwave. SNMP has scaling issues.


We really want our customer to move to AMON and if you have any issues with them we will look into it for you.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns realted to this topic.

Re: AMON and Airwave

Amon  is really great,but i notice two issues in one of my majoer controllers (more than 20,000 daily devices)


A. When using AMON on airwave 7.7.7 in front of a M3-6000 controller with ... once in a while i dont get no data at all,until airwave server reboot + at least 7-14 days the controller rebooting by itself with no reboot reason ..

(it's started after configured the Airwave as mangment server :( a process that needed for the AMON) )

*no crash file on controller,no high load cpu*


B. Even after disabling the AMON method on the long the controller had the monitoring server settings (not normal snmp settings) it's rebooting once every 7-14 days :(


I hope it's just an AOS and it will be solved in the upcoming new AOS.



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Re: AMON and Airwave



Have you opened a support case about this?  If not, it will not be resolved (hope does not resolve issues).  If support can take a look, they can determine what is happening so that at minimum, your specific issue can be addressed.


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