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Auba Instant Cloud Connection

1-How does the Instant AP Connects to Aruba WIFI Cloud  ? how it knows its IP ? What 

2- How Does Cloud WIFI identify AP/Customer ?  will Cloud WIFI have preconfigured list o APs Serials/Mac for this Customer ?


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Re: Auba Instant Cloud Connection

Instant AP contacts, after getting an IP address from its local LAN. Then after contacting, Activate will provide the provisioning rule for that customer and point it to the appropriate Aruba Central server.


CloudWifi (Aruba Central) gets the customer information from Activate, and this also includes the list of devices.


Please let me know if you need further details.

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Re: Auba Instant Cloud Connection

if i have Instant AP acting as Virtula Controller for Group of APs 

all of Them will Contact  Cloud WIFI ? or Only Master ( Virtual Controller ) AP ?

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Re: Auba Instant Cloud Connection

Only the master (Virtual controller) contacts Aruba Central.

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Re: Auba Instant Cloud Connection

The Virtual Controller talks to the central and also provides information regarding the slaves in its cluster.

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Re: Auba Instant Cloud Connection

This is also answered based on the info in the other thread:


Capturing vjtr's post on that thread for relevance here:


"Aruba Instant environment is a distributed environment however VC does handle a variety of activities across management, control and data plane. Below are some ::

VC Management Plane Functions

IAP cluster configuration sync
IAP cluster monitoring
IAP firmware image management
Communication with AirWave and Aruba Central<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

VC Control Plane Functions

Handling CoA
Dynamic Radius Proxy (DRP)
DHCP server

VC Data Plane Functions

Handling traffic for Magic VLAN (VC assigned)
Handling traffic when src-NAT is required"



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