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Client Match in IAP and troubleshooting commands

Similar to AOS, IAP clients could experience connectivity and performance issues due to stickiness, improper band usage, and improper load balancing. So we need IAP must to solve this problem without depending on any external, centralized data structure, and we cannot burden the VC
The Solution would be to use a distributed algorithm that group APs into RF-neighborhoods and co-decide which AP should service which clients.

When the Client Match is disabled, lots of clients connect to one IAP.  After enabling Client Match  the clients connect to the IAPs evenly.


d8:c7:c8:cb:d4:28# show ap debug client-match 0


Client Match Status:: RUNNING

Associated:12, Threshold:13

Leaving:0, Coming:0


d8:c7:c8:cb:d4:28# show ap debug client-match 1


Client Match Status:: RUNNING

Associated:0, Threshold:MAX

Leaving:0, Coming:0













Preethi Devarajan
Sr. Network Engineer
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.
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