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Configurable Address Format for MAC authentication in IAP

Pre 4.0 versions, if the IAP is to be integrated with an existing RADIUS server for MAC authentication, the customer must ensure its existing RADIUS server database so the MAC addresses conform to the IAP’s expected format: each MAC address must be in lower case without any delimiters, such as “0027107867ac”
For customers with large MAC address databases with an incompatible format, deployment becomes very difficult
* Allow the user to configure the IAP to use either upper or lower case MAC addresses, as well as a custom delimiter, so the IAP can be made more compatible with existing RADIUS databases
* This feature is limited to MAC authentication on SSIDs and does not yet support wired clients
In CLI:-

wlanssid-profile mac_auth


 mac-authentication-delimiter :


Preethi Devarajan
Sr. Network Engineer
Customer Advocacy | Aruba Networks Inc.
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