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Turning off 2..4ghz band of seleted APS on an Instant Cluster


I was wondering that if i got an instant cluster of 50  dual band dual radios APS


Let say i got a company and there is an auditorium in which i got 7 of those 50 IAPs.


I would like to turn off the 2.4ghz band of 4 of those 7 IAPs and leave of the 7 IAPS 7 5ghz radios and 3 2.4ghz radios. 

I know you can turn off the 2.4ghz radio when you creating the SSID but that would turn off the 2.4ghz completely of my SSID and i dont want that... i just want to turn off that radio on selected IAPS.

I can do it really easy with a controller but with instants, can i do that somehow?




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Re: Turning off 2..4ghz band of seleted APS on an Instant Cluster

Hi Carlos,


That will be a feature request.  As of now, this can only be done using SSID profile or you can have multiple “standalone” IAPs.  You can have one cluster with 3 IAPs and separate out the 4 IAPs as standalone.  The cluster and standalone IAPs can be on the same VLAN.


As you might already know, the configuration to make an IAP standalone is:


(Instant Access Point)# convert-aos-ap <mode>








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