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A sticky “Cool stuffs just release” forum.

We already had a sticky forum “Recent AOS Firmware Releases”, how about a sticky “Cool stuffs just release” forum. 

One can always reads the release notes, but it is usually a quick glance and Network Engineer usually don’t read manual; a quick cool new feature in a new release that someone already experienced with and post in the forum is way better than 100 pages of PDF.


For instance, I called TAC recently and the engineer use new command “packet-capture destination ip-address x.x.x.x” to send all packets to a Wireshark for troubleshooting.  It is awesome!  I remember a remote capture is cumbersome that I have forgotten to use.


Another one, if you upgrade AOS, don’t for get to execute a head of time “ap image-preload activate all-aps”.  It preloaded all APs with the new image, so when you reload the controller, APs associate quickly. This feature makes controller not rushing to image hundred APs at the same time.  Nice feature and save a lot of headache.

~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: A sticky “Cool stuffs just release” forum.

You should really read the release notes, especially anything under "New".  Engineers that do not read the release notes will suffer unintended behavior due to changes that are detailed in the release notes.  If there are questions about the release notes, we can certainly clarify those questions here, but we probably should not create another layer of notifications for people who do not read the release notes.  The release notes even detail information that goes back as far as the last major release.  Articles about cool new features are not a substitute for reading the release notes.  And, I have already written an article about the packet capture command here:


"If you do not read the release notes, do not upgrade" --  That should be the engineer's rule.

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Re: A sticky “Cool stuffs just release” forum.

Don’t take me wrong, it took us months of testing and small area deployment before we upgrade to the new version of code. The preparations are of course including reading the “fine” manual. What I mean is some cool features that release which we usually read through them quickly and miss.

Some new released features are good but some can cause more problems then helps. The cool ones that someone has "been there done that and like it" can share.


"And, I have already written an article about the packet capture command here:"

This is exactly what I mean about the sticky.  Can we somehow "stick" the article like that to 6.3 release?



~Trinh Nguyen~
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