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Additional Email Address

Is it possible to have more than one email address tied to a user account? Main reason being I've signed up with my work address if I ever leave the company I'd still like to retain my ability to post. Also would mean that whilst I'm at home I could also recieve notifications to a seperate address.

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Re: Additional Email Address

Because Aruba now utilizes a Single Sign On solution for site logons,  it is doubtful that you can tie a second email to your account.  However, you do have the ability to change it.   Where to do it depends on your account type (Partner, Social, Support Entitlement, etc.).


From the SSO FAQ:

Aruba Partner Center and Support portal users must re-register with business email addresses in order to change the entitled email address. Airheads Social users can change email address from Airheads Social by clicking on the “Update User Information” button on the “My Settings” page. (The link is only available after you login.) Please note that if your SSO email address entitles you to Support Portal or Partner Center access, you will lose the entitlement if your account email address is changed.

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Re: Additional Email Address

clembo is exactly right. Although you can only tie one email account to your Airheads community account, you can change it  at any time by going to the "My Settings" page and clicking on "Update User Information". 



Anton Chiang
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Re: Additional Email Address

Okay, thanks for the reply!

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