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Airgroup Config 8.4 MM



I'm going through the ACMPv8 Airgroup config and I'm noticing quite a bit has moved around in 8.4.0 with the MM.


Ex:  Navigate to MM->Config->Services->Airgroup

Expand General

Select the following




Yep that doesnt even exist anymore.




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Re: Airgroup Config 8.4 MM

I spung up a new MM with no redundancy and the AirGroup settings are there. However in my L2 Redundancy MM's its not. 


Yes I've clicked the individual MM and the MM group settings. 

Yes I've checked that the AirGroup service is installed and running.

Yes I've rebooted the MMs.


I'm going to rebuild the MMs and see what broke.

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Re: Airgroup Config 8.4 MM

Was there a resolution for this issue? I'm trying to enable Airgroup, and only can enable at the controller level within the MM.

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