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Re: Another forum bug


@mike.j.gallagher wrote:

Another note on this.  There is a ton of wasted browser real estate in the new forum.  If the forum window were full browser-screen, this issue would most likely be resolved.

Agreed - empty space on the left and right is useless and would be better spent showing the content.

Retired Employee

Re: Another forum bug

We changed a setting that fixed the column display. Please let us know if you see anything else.



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Aruba Employee

Re: Another forum bug

Hello everyone!


I'm responsible for the community design, look, and feel.  I'm currently collecting a list of bugs, browser anomalies, and UX issues for upcoming fixes. 


Now that some column fixes have been implemented, are you still seeing this overlap problem?  If so, in what browser version, OS, and zoom percentage are you viewing the site?


Thank you!