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Archived Forum Post's "Links" need to be updated

The links contained in the old forum posts need to be updated as they point to old "vBulletin" references.


Should be able to search/replace if you can create an index of all of the migrated forum posts.


Just a suggestion, many old posts refer to other posts, and now the links all take you back to the main Discussion Page.

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Searching Old Posts

Search doesn't seem to be indexing older posts properly. That is why I had to direct a user to the Google cached version:


Searching on that posts title reported 0 results.


Zach Jennings
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Re: Archived Forum Post's "Links" need to be updated

Would be nice, I tend to just use google cache to read the old ones. 

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Re: Archived Forum Post's "Links" need to be updated

Will look into this and update links as needed.  Thanki you for the feedback.

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Re: Archived Forum Post's "Links" need to be updated

Hi all,


We've researched this with our IT department. Unfortunately, a systematic replace is not possible due to our current URL structure. If you have any specific URLs that are not redirecting properly, please let us and we’ll update those specific ones for you.


 FYI- I am marking this as an accepted solution because it’s the best answer we are able to provide at this time.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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Problema con aruba 207

Hola. Tengo el siguiente problema. Configure A.P. Aruba 207 y tengo internet pero no en todos los equipos. Abecés tengo internet en celulares (no en todos) y en algunos notebook y no son más de 8. Lo he probado en banda 2.4 y 5 MHz.



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