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Arubaos-CX Core: VSX or not

Our client has a design 8400 X 2 at core and plenty 832X at distribution layer. We will be using VSX at distribution layer but what i am not 100% sure is whether to go for VSX at core or not.


VSX Guide wasn't very clear what would be the best practises.


Can anyone guide please?


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Re: Arubaos-CX Core: VSX or not



Very short answer: considering your customer is going to install two Aruba 8400X at the Core of its network...the natural step would be for sure to deploy them using VSX (just think about a VSX feature like "Active-active layer 3 default gateway"...not to speak about VSX LAGs and all the new features available on ArubaOS-CX 10.03, not counting what probably will land with 10.04 during 2020).


Maybe if ArubaOS-CX Virtual Switching eXtension (VSX) Guide for 10.03 wasn't clear enough a latest VSX Deep Dive presentation would blow most of your doubts away defintely (the latest I'm aware of was made for AOS-CX 10.02 but ArubaOS-CX 10.03 presentation provides updates regarding new VSX related features too).


Edit: if I'm not mistaken it looks like that ArubaOS-CX Virtual Switching eXtension (VSX) Guide for 10.02 highlighted in a slightly different way the benefits of deploying VSX at core level (for Layer 3) compared to menu of VSX Guide for 10.03.

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