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Awsome job Airheads Social

Well this tread is to thanks all the Aruba members becuase you all are doing an awsome job with this social airheads.   I have to deal with other brand of equipments we install but in none of them i get soo much support like i do with aruba, and so much info, or help on forums or with the tac than with Aruba.    Everything is awsome guys keep the good work  and i think all the members should thank everyone here because like i said they are doing an awsome job.  


I had to say it because i have not seen any tread of nonoe thanking for all the effort you guys are doing, which i think its great, and this is why for all the brands we sell in my company this is the one i like to install the most  :smileyhappy:


Also the training programs the virtual classes also are awsome... i already took 3 courses and i hope taking more

And yeah not to mention the VRDs which none of the other brands we sell does have something soo useful like that!.


Spécial thanks to cjoseph that always answeing my quetions and also to jfernyc and all the others





Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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Re: Awsome job Airheads Social

Hey NightShade1,


Thanks for the nice words!  We appreciate you leaving this feedback! 

I'm going to share this thread with the rest of the team.  :)


Thanks again!



Re: Awsome job Airheads Social

Well you all are welcome you all deserve that and more


Sorry for my bad english but well you all will get the idea which is thanks hehe

Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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Re: Awsome job Airheads Social

Thanks so much!  We appreciate the feedback.


Kind Regards,


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