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CPPM Filter Services based on Device Type

i have a service for phones, printers, and computers, authentication request to be applyed to the service on the device tryp (i.e phone, computer, printer). when i try to apply the service rule i add endpoint : Device Type : Equals : .... The only option i have to select is printer. i would like to be able to select phone or computer also. 

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Re: CPPM Filter Services based on Device Type

update. i have pinters authenticationg aginstt my 802.1x policy and i have computers authenticating aginst my mac auth policy. i would like to set the policy where if its a computer it should athenticat aginst the 802.1x policy only even if its a MAC-AUTH. wright now i am preventing printers from authenticating aginst the 802.1x policy by haveing a MAC_ADDRESS NOT_BELONGS_TO [PRINTER MAC ADDRESSES] witch is not sustanable. Thanks 

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