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ClearPass C1000 - Maximum Access Licenses

Hello all,

What is the maximum ClearPass Access Liceneses that we can put on a C1000 physical appliance. I have read that it support both 500 and 1000 active sessions. The ClearPass appliance is used as a RADIUS ORPS.  

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Re: ClearPass C1000 - Maximum Access Licenses

I had to look up what ORPS is and posted it here as a reference:

  • ORPS (Organisational RADIUS Proxy Server): The server at every organisation that participates in eduroam, which takes any eduroam requests that are not local to its home organisation and proxies them to the NRPS, and also receives requests for authentication from the NRPS.

There is no limit on the number of access licenses that you can put on any ClearPass appliance, however, each appliance has a scaling of concurrent sessions and authentications per second that you should not exceed. It does not make sense to add more licenses than your hardware can handle.

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